3M ultra portable projector with Lcos miniature projection technology

If you think the mobile-size pico projector is small, wait until you see the miniature projector from 3M. This matchbox-sized beamer is beyond ultra-portable but can throw image size up to 40-inch wide. I assume it is a standard 4:3 business class PJ, that's about 50-inch in diagonal.

The Lcos-based miniature projection technology designed with modular integrating system for any mobile platform devices. So the next best thing on your cell phone, notebook or camera is probably a built-in or an add-on projection display (yet another resolution gimmick for marketing department). The device is estimated to sell between $300 and $400 when first introduced to the market, and probably drop to $150 within five years. It would be extremely handy to use it as torchlight but pricy as hell.

[gizmodo via startribune]