3M MPro110 Pocket Projector On Sale September 30th

If you've ever dreamed of carrying a projector in your pocket, the 3M MPro110 Pocket Projector will go on sale on September 30th and it's perfect for those times when you need to project small images from a, well, small device.

And while it's not all that practical, the technology that went into this projector may eventually end up in cell phones and other portable devices someday. Unfortunately, initial reviews seem to indicate this particular device doesn't quite live up to quality standards.

The projected images are blurry and super small. Not even a dim room can help this one. And the $359 asking price adds insult to injury. Even though the idea here is noteworthy and innovative, it's not quite "there" yet. Until this pocket projector can display bright images that you can make out clearly, it's probably not worth it.

[via DVICE]