3M M2256PW Multi-Touch 22-Inch Monitor Debuts

Evan Selleck - Jun 14, 2010
3M M2256PW Multi-Touch 22-Inch Monitor Debuts

If you’re a fan of monitors, or touching monitors to make things happen, then it looks like 3M‘s got something in the works for you. Over at InfoComm 2010, the company pulled the curtain off their 22-inch multi-touch monitor. And, when we say multi-touch, we mean they’ve managed to go to the extreme with what’s inside the M2256PW, but it’s all in a very, very good way. And no, it’s not a USB 3.0 monitor, either.

The 22-inch monitor is capable of detecting upwards of 20 points simultaneously. It comes manufactured with a projected capacitive touch panel, and there’s a trio of capacitive chips tucked away in the thin frame of the monitor. The resolution is 1,680 x 1,050, and 3M boasts that the response time of you touching the monitor and a reaction happening is no longer than 6ms.

Suggested retail price of the M2256PW is $1,500, and it doesn’t look like 3M is positioning the multi-touch monitor for home usage, but rather the enterprise market. Of course, we imagine that a few people out there would prefer this in their living room, and would probably make it happen. No word on when exactly the monitor will be released and available, though.

[via TechOn!]

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