3LCD hits 70M chips shipped in projector market

Shane McGlaun - Feb 9, 2011
3LCD hits 70M chips shipped in projector market

If you hop over to a forum, where home theater fans that use projectors hang out the debate between 3LCD and DLP is as fevered as Chevy versus Ford or Windows versus Mac. DLP is nice tech, but in many instances the 3LCD projector is the way to go, especially if you need installation flexibility since the 3LCD image is typically easier to align to the screen.

3LCD has announced that it has hit a milestone in the projector industry with the announcement that it has shipped 70 million 3LCD chips. 3LCD tech hit the market in 1988. The technology promises bright and natural images with lots of light output.

3LCD touts the benefits of its tech as lots of color and white light lumens, no need for a color wheel, and more. The downside is that you have to keep those filters clean. “Last year was really productive and thrilling for us and gave us the chance to anticipate several important innovations” declared Rina Bhuva, Senior Manager Strategic Marketing, 3LCD. “At the beginning of this year, we announced the first LED projector in the world and the first Reflective HTPS liquid crystal chip by 3LCD; this milestone concerning the shipping of 70 million chips is another evidence of the support from our vendors and customers, without which we couldn’t keep growing.”

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