3DV Systems ZCam makes you work for the win, but its FTL

James Allan Brady - Dec 13, 2007

So the Wii comes out and everyone all of the sudden like working for the win in their games. Well, 3DV is jumping on the bandwagon with a motion sensing camera for your PC so you can use real time moves in your games.

That’s right, that means next time you don’t want to die while being shot at, you’re actually going to have to move your ass to dodge the bullets. Well, that seems to be the intent, but there aren’t any games that use the technology yet, but they have the camera, and an SDK for development, so games are likely, soon.

The camera works at 60 fps, has a high resolution, works in the light or in the dark (which is good since my room is like the bat cave when I am gaming) and supposedly has a low CPU time consumption, meaning your games won’t suck again thanks to the new cam. Personally, I got into gaming to help myself better enjoy being lazy, so if I have to work for a win, I don’t want to play, but over 10 million Wii users say I must be wrong.

3DV Systems ZCam to jump on the Wii Movement [via i4u]

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