3DS XL getting anti-glare screen upgrade

Everyone may be talking about the 3DS XL's increased screen size, but the 3DS XL is also getting an upgrade in the form of new anti-glare screens. In the latest installment of Iwata Asks, Nintendo's Takeshi Murakami revealed that the 3DS XL will be getting the anti-glare upgrade, making the 3DS XL the most glare-resistant Nintendo handheld ever. For comparison's sake, Murakami said that reflectivity on the original 3DS screen was about 12%, but with the 3DS XL, Nintendo managed to get that figure down to just 3%.

In the interview with Iwata, Murakami briefly explained what Nintendo has done to reduce the glare on the 3DS XL's screens. "On a LCD screen there are basically three reflective layers, which all of them reflects and cause glare," he said. "So this time, we specially treated all the layers."

Apparently, Nintendo has been wanting to include this anti-glare tech on every one of its handhelds since the Game Boy Advance. In the past, however, implementing that tech proved to be too expensive, but now, the technology has progressed and manufacturing costs have decreased to the point where Nintendo can afford to include it with the 3DS XL.

So, not only will you be getting larger screens with the 3DS XL, but you'll also be getting a pretty significant reduction in glare. You'll be paying a premium for those larger screens and that glare reduction though, as the 3DS XL will set you back $199.99. It launches in North America on August 19, coinciding with the release of New Super Mario Bros. 2. Be sure to check out our story timeline below for more information on the 3DS XL!

[via Siliconera]