3DPlusMe Will 3D Print You As A Superhero Starting Tomorrow

Fancy yourself a superhero? Marvel and Hasbro have kicked off a new partnership with 3DPlusMe that will allow anyone to get their face 3D-printed on a superhero's body...assuming they're near one of the Walmarts or Sam's Clubs that are participating.

Those who participate can go to one of the ten participating Walmarts or two Sam's Club stores and get their face scanned. That scan will then be used to create a 12-inch action figure — either Iron Man or Captain America — with the customer's face.

The special printing sessions kick off tomorrow and will run through September 28, after which point it will end. You'll need $45 USD to get your doll, as well. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem there are any female options for those who don't want a male action figure.

It looks like the Walmarts are mostly limited to coastal states and big cities, with participating stores being in New Jersey, California, Illinois, Florida, New York, Maryland, Arkansas, Texas, and Georgia. Check out SuperAwesomeMe for the full list.

VIA: Gizmodo