3Doodler PRO+ brings metal and wood to 3D printing pen

By now, 3D printers have become less of a novelty and more of a common tool in many businesses. They're still, however, not the kind of thing you'd be able to easily buy off shelves, much less use when you need or want to. Access to 3D printers is still limited to makers, modders, and hobbyists, leaving out creatives to simply dream of the future. 3Doodler has just brought the future to the present with its 3Doodler PRO+ pen that boasts support for a wider ranger of materials, including, for the first time, metal and wood.

3D printing pens are not exactly new but, while popular especially with younger users, the applications aren't as vast as your conventional 3D printer. You may be limited to creating things that can be drawn in the air as well as the usual PLA and ABS plastics. The 3Doodler PRO+ still has that drawing requirement but now pulls most of the stops when it comes to material.

It might blow your mind but the 3Doodler PRO+ can actually "print" out other materials like wood, copper, bronze, and even nylon. These still come in familiar plastic sticks so you don't have to relearn what you already know. With these new materials, you can 3D print almost anything from sculptures to prototypes to costume parts.

The new features don't end there, though. The pen has been redesigned not only with a more ergonomic shape but also a surface display that takes the guesswork out of the pen's settings. The 3Doodler's unique dual drive system has also been improved and, for the first time as well, the magnetic underside makes it easy to look inside the pen.

What hasn't changed is the freedom of expression that a 3D printing pen affords. All you need is to let your imagination run wild. You might also need to save up $249.99 for a 3Doodler PRO+ set, available now on the company's website as well as from Amazon.com.