3Doodler pen continues to annihilate Kickstarter goal

We talked about the really cool 3Doodler pen a few times in the past. This is a pen that allows users to draw in the air using a plastic material. This device reminds me of a 3-D printer distilled down to its most basic elements and crossed with a hot glue gun.

One of the best parts about the 3Doodler is that the device is so inexpensive with a pledge of $75 giving you the pen and a couple bags of mixed plastic. The downside to pre-ordering this device is that the ship time at this point isn't expected to happen until February of 2014. That means you're looking at almost a year before you'll have the device in your hand.

Last time we talked about the 3Doodler was on February 20 when the device had raised over $456,000 within only a few hours. At the time of writing, the 3Doodler has raised over $2,057,000 and still has 19 days to go. Over 23,000 people have backed the project making it one of the most popular on Kickstarter right now.

If you missed our other reports on this device, it uses ABS strands of plastic allowing you to draw in the air making 3-D sculptures of just about any sort. It's rather unclear where you can get replacement plastic at this point after you run out of the bag or two that the pen comes with. Funding for the project is set in the March 25, 2013.

[via Kickstarter]