3D@Home Consortium releases requirements for Digital 3D to homes

I would love to be able to watch cool shows and movies right on my TV at home in the same quality 3D as I can see movies at the theater in. I have played my share of 3D games at home and they look great. Before we can get mass adoption of 3D content in our homes, we need some requirements that manufactures can work with.

The 3D@Home Consortium has announced the release of three documents that are key to the next step of the 3D standards making process. The documents will be used by the CEA working groups. The documents released include ST2-01 3D Digital Interface Requirements, ST4-03 3D Active Shutter Glasses Database, and ST4-04 3D Passive Glasses Database.

The digital interface document has the requirements for functions and features of the digital interface for 3D video data between sources like set-top boxes, medial players, and more. The other two documents cover the two different types of glasses that are needed to view 3D content. Hopefully, the documents will mean we will see more 3D capable TVs hit the market like the Panasonic 3D HDTV I talked about back in October.