3D-printed rifle fires 14 shots before breaking

After seeing the Liberator 3D-printed handgun undergo some test firings a while back, one enthusiast thought it was time to up the ante and 3D-print his own rifle. While the Liberator was only able to fire off a couple of shots before it inevitably broke, the rifle was able to fire off 14 shots before the barrel cracked.

The YouTuber, who goes by Matthew, was only able to fire off a single shot before the barrel cracked the first time around, but during his second attempt after he made some upgrades to the rifle, he was able to fire off 14 shots. At first, Matthew used a string to pull the trigger, allowing him to stand a safe distance away in case anything exploded, but the second time around, Matthew loaded the gun and fired it like any other rifle.

The rifle was printed on a professional-grade Stratasys 3D printer made out of ABS+ plastic. Of course, the rifle isn't even close to being a practical firearm, but it shows the improvements that have been made to 3D-printed guns since the Liberator handgun was first teased.

The gun is referred to as "The Grizzly" and it's a bit cumbersome so far, with reloading required after every shot, and the used bullet cases being a bit difficult to remove. In any case, 14 shots is pretty impressive, and from the video we can tell that the The Grizzly certainly has some lethal power to it.

Of course, 3D-printed weapons have many people worried, and blueprints for these designs have been making their way onto the internet, for which Canadian authorities have already given the banhammer to one website. Matthew says he plans to make the blueprints available for his rifle, but we're not sure what the government will think about it.

VIA: The Verge