3D printed guns targeted in new legislative proposal

The introduction of 3D printing brought about a much cheaper — and "invisible" — way for individuals to get their hands on a firearm. The Internet is filled with blueprints for such devices, and though the earlier models featured some problems (breakage, namely), enthusiasts have refined the plastic weapons. There are some inherent problems with these guns, at least from the government's point of view. Such weapons can be acquired by anyone with the right technology, and aren't able to be detected by metal detectors — hence the "invisible" gun label.

A new proposal called the Undetectable Firearms Modernization Act, which is said to have the support of Rep. Steve Israel and other Congressional Democrats, targets such weapons. According to The Hill, this Act would require that any plastic guns created have enough embedded metal to trigger metal detectors, making it easier for the TSA and other places to detect them.

The proposal was introduced earlier this week, and the recent news of issues with TSA detecting weapons was pointed to as one reason the bill is necessary. Recently it was revealed that the TSA had failed numerous times during tests to detect weapons and explosives (fake ones, that is) at airport security checkpoints. Plastic guns would make this detection even hard, as they won't trigger metal detectors.

Some have praised the measure, having long held concerns about 3D printed weaponry. Others though are already challenging the plans, pointing out that it likely wouldn't work as the embedded strip of metal could simply be removed later on.

VIA: Engadget