3D-printed clothes to be shown off at fashion show

If you're lucky, you can find clothing that fits you perfectly at clothing stores. For some, the clothes available fit well enough, but it takes a tailor to make them perfect. Soon enough that could be a thing of the past thanks to 3D printing, which could be used to produce clothing tailored to a single person's specific measurements. While the ability to have a fresh t-shirt printed on your lunch break is still fantasy, some have already started dabbling with the technology.

Some fashion designers have already worked with 3D-printing technology to create fashionable clothing pieces, though complete outfits usually involve web-like plastics with a lot of bare skin — the kind of thing you'd see at a fashion show and not out and about on the street.

It's no surprise, then, that a fashion show dedicated to the top 3D-printed fashions and the designers behind them is in the pipeline. The show is being hosted by MecklerMedia, and it is being call "3D Print Fashion Show". It'll be taking place on April 16 in New York.

Notable at the show will be a full-length evening gown that is entirely 3D-printed, flexible, and composed of a single element. It was designed by fashion designer Melinda Looi. Said Looi in a conversation with Digital Trends, "3D printing will change the world. Maybe not now, but in times to come 3D printing will usher in a new era by enabling machines to produce objects of any shape, on the spot, and as needed."

SOURCE: Digital Trends