3D-printed 'Bubble Bucket' blows 14,000 bubbles per minute

You can use your 3D printer for utilitarian things like printing a replacement battery cover for the TV remote, or you can use it for something fun like building your own bubble-blowing contraption. The latter is what one designer decided to do, and the end result is a relatively simple-to-make 5 gallon bucket full of watery soap, a revolving band of bubble-blowing wands, and a motor that takes it in a loop. The output is enough to drive dogs and kids alike crazy: 14,000 or so bubbles per minute.

The creation was made and then posted on Thingiverse, where anyone can download it and view instructions to try it out yourself. It takes a 50RPM motor in addition to the bucket, printer, filament, and soap solution. The creator goes by the handle "Scratchhax".

It is basically an industrial-level bubble machine, at least as far as backyard bubble creation is concerned. A box fan provides the wind, and likely influences the rate of bubble production. Hit the sweet spot and your backyard will be filled with little soapy spheres.

According to the maker, the sprockets, bubble wands, hinge pins, and motor housing were all created using a 3D printer. There are 40 bubble wands total. Those who are interested can see the contraption in action in the video above and download the instructions for free. Hit up the timeline below for other 3D printing news!