3D iPad-size display prototype reignites Apple tablet rumors [Video]

Does the idea of the 3D iPad appeal? Apple has been rumored to be considering a 3D display for its next-gen tablet, though so far nothing has been confirmed; still, NetbookNews stumbled upon a new CPT panel while at Display Taiwan, and the company chose to demo its 3D screen slotted into a first-gen iPad chassis.

The 9.7-inch 3D panel is yet to be added to CPT's site, but according to the video demo below it relies on special glasses in order to see the 3D effect. That, along with references to screen resolution halving, suggests a passive 3D system, where polarizing lenses in the glasses are used to filter out the left and right eye image respectively. NetbookNews apparently weren't allowed to check its resolution, either, though they tell us it was definitely higher than the 1024 x 600 of the current first- and second-gen iPads.

Of course, while CPT was clever to demonstrate its panel in such a familiar – and teasing – way, that doesn't mean Apple is looking to the company for the iPad 3 or beyond. We can't help but think that if Apple was to adopt 3D, it would go for the most user-friendly system and push for glasses-free technology. Demanding that users wear the geeky specs may work when they're using a big-screen TV in their lounge, but it's less acceptable on the move.

Rumors surfaced back in May that Apple was looking to 3D for the iPad 3, expected to arrive in 2012, with studios reportedly working on building up catalogs of suitable content. Foxconn was also tipped to be confirming to inside sources that 3D was on Apple's agenda.