3D files needed to make your own Fallout 4 Pip Boy published

Bethesda managed to make one of the coolest limited edition video game bundles of all time when it launched the Pip Boy editions of Fallout 4. These limited edition games came with a version of the Pip Boy from the game that you could wear that offered details from the game on your forearm. If you wanted one of those Pip Boys, but were unable to land one of the limited edition video games you can now make your own.

An engineer named Yvo de Haas has created all the 3D files that you need to create your own Pip Boy. At least you can make de Haas' version of a Pip Boy. The files are based on the teaser trailer for the game that was released recently.

If you have access to a 3D printer, all of the schematics that you need to make your own were posted online by de Haas. It's as close to the official Bethesda version that you can get this side of paying huge money for the copies that inevitably end up on eBay.

In de Haas' version of the device, you will need to slip a smartphone inside running the Pip Boy app from Bethesda. One potential catch is that there are different specs available for different smartphones. If your smartphone isn't listed, you will have to wait and hope specs for your device are offered.

SOURCE: ytec3d, Kotaku