360cam records panoramic video, offers Oculus support

Panoramic images and cameras that can take them are nothing new, but far less mainstream are cameras that can record panoramic videos. That hasn't stopped the development of technology that utilizes such content, however, the Oculus Rift being notable among them. The 360cam, a panoramic video and still images camera, aims to fill the market void.

The camera was put on Kickstarter, where it has blasted through its original $150,000 goal with 43 days remaining. The 360cam, as it is called, is being hailed as the first panoramic camera that records in Full HD, and with it comes several other features.

The 360cam supports universal mounts, and comes with integrated sensors of various sorts, including a gyroscope. There's both GPS and WiFi, as well as a microphone for recording audio and a microSD card for storing data.

Video is recorded via a trio of Ultra Sharp 185-degree fisheye 360-degree x 300-degree FOV lenses. Each lens gets its own microphone, and a there's a curved LED display with control buttons. In addition to Full HD video, the camera can also take 4096 x 2048 pixel still images at 3 frames per second.

As mentioned, the 360cam comes with support for Oculus Rift, allowing owners to plug the camera into the VR headset and re-live their experiences in virtual reality (or share them with friends). If all goes as planned, the 360cam will be available in November for $499 USD.

VIA: Mashable