360: Phone with Extra Folding Power

Samia Perkins - Mar 1, 2011, 1:36pm CST
360: Phone with Extra Folding Power

In a new concept from the SADI design school, the 360 Compact Folding mobile phone has multiple touch screens that are hinged together to simulate a tablet-like feel, or can be folded down for a device that is easier to hold. The phone would have a “standing mode” where it can be propped up for viewing the main screen, “protection mode” when it is closed, “multitasking mode” using all three screens, and “open mode” for only using the middle screen.

The design is by Baek Kil Hyun at Korean design school SADI. SADI has come out with some interesting designs, like this Book Printer we covered recently. Interestingly, the case on the concept phone reads “Samsung”.

What do you think, does this design have merit, or is it too cumbersome? No word on whether it will have 4G, or run on Android.

[via Yanko Design]

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