360-degree Video Tour of North Korea

North Korea isn't exactly a country where most of us would want to visit. It's a place that isn't welcoming to outsiders and is known for harsh treatment of its own citizens and frequent executions by a ruler who controls everything in the country. Being known for frequent executions for offenses as slight as falling asleep in a meeting doesn't make a place appealing to most travelers.

A couple tourists somehow managed to get into North Korea and go on a guided tour of some of the counties attractions. Those attractions include a North Korean school, some major cities in the country, and some hiking in caves and mountains of the country.

The coolest thing about the video is that it was shot with a special video camera that allows the watcher of the video to choose where they look. This is as close as you will get to visiting North Korea for yourself, and may be as close as you want to get.

Parts of North Korea are certainly beautiful. Some of the areas seen in the video include Rason, Namyang, Hoeryon, Chongjin, Kyongson and Chilbo. The most surprising thing about the video for me is that people actually go on vacations in North Korea.