$330 plastic iPhone slated for 2014, says sources

Rumors circulated for awhile that Apple would be releasing a cheaper iPhone, something that eventually prompted the company's Phil Schiller to denounce such a device's existence, stating that Apple will not now nor ever create such an iPhone. The rumor won't die, however, and now Japanese website Macotakara is reporting that a plastic iPhone will hit shelves in 2014 for $330.

According to the website, the cheaper iPhone will be constructed from polycarbonate plastic, something we've heard from past rumors. The display is said to be a nice 4.5-inches, and below it will be the easily recognizable circular home button. The best part, however, is the purported price tag of $330, which would make it the cheapest iPhone to ever grace shelves, quite a bit below the hefty unsubsidized price of the iPhone 5.

Aside from the cheaper plastic body and lower price tag, Macotakara is reporting that there aren't any other noticeable differences over the iPhone 5. It is believed the handset will be available in multiple colors, including black. This information is said to come from sources who are familiar with the situation, although they are unnamed. As with all rumors, take it with a large grain of salt.

As has been noted in the past, a budget iPhone could be wildly successful for Apple, appealing to those who want the latest Apple handset without spending hundreds or locking into a two-year contract, as well as individuals looking to take advantage of a BYOD prepaid plan and those who want an iPhone in a color other than black and white (assuming the information is true).

[via CNET]