300,000 words inscribed on a the head of pin

Nanotechnology is fascinating to me. I'm going to attribute that to the 'girl/miniature' gene of mine. The most current newsworthy item in the world of nanotechnology is apparently making tiny bibles.

A team of experts in Haifa's Technion Institute etched the Hebrew text of the Jewish Bible onto a silicon surface that was smaller than a grain of sugar. That's 300,00 words. They blasted the surfaces with tiny particles called 'gallium ions' which rebounded and caused the etching.

They say this was 'to show copious quantities of data could eventually be stored on bio-molecules and DNA'. This makes me think "Spy Tech"! It only took about an hour to complete the job, which makes it all that much more amazing. Just exactly what will they come up with next?

Scientists inscribe entire bible onto pinhead [via engadget]