3-way SLI with nVidia cards now possible

James Allan Brady - Dec 13, 2007

To do this you need 5 things, the first, an nVidia nForce 850 SLI MCP motherboard, 3 8800 GTX or Ultra cards and a near endless budget to afford all of that. So, up until now, you had your choice of dual-card SLI or quad-SLI, the latter was really just a dual-card SLI setup, but with 2 double cards, now you have the choice of 3 cards.

When are they going to announce the hexa-SLI configuration with 3 double 8800 cards? Supposedly the 3-way SLI configuration offers 2.8 times the performance of a single card configuration.

Who ever thought a ménage à trois could be so expensive? Anyways, you can scope out the 3-way SLI compatible components over at SLIzone.com, have fun emptying your life savings just so you can play Crysis with all the settings maxed out.

3-way NVIDIA SLI offers extreme performance [via thegamergene]

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