2D fighter 'Phantom Breaker' heading to North America

Known for its video games, Japan can be the envy of those not living on the small island the size of California. Buying a video game or certain systems comes with certain restrictions. If you buy a Nintendo 3DS in Japan, for example, you won't be able to play games you pick up at a GameStop in the US. The joys, rather headaches, of region-locked or region-specific games and systems. If you follow the Japanese fighter game market, you may be excited for a North American release of Phantom Breaker.

That's right! A certain Japan-only Xbox 2D fighting game, Phantom Breaker, will be stepping outside the region-specific category and onto North American soil. The publisher, 7sixty,plans to localize the game on January 31st, with a preorder available now on Amazon for $39.99. When visiting the Amazon page you will notice the publisher is listed as SouthPeak Games, which has caused some confusion. 7sixty is a brand under the SouthPeak Games "umbrella", so do not be alarmed.

Phantom Breaker is based around a fighting tournament in Tokyo. The tournament, held by "Phantom," promises to grant wishes to the winner. While playing Phantom Breaker, you can expect guests from Steins; Gate and Chaos; Head Noah. Kurisu Makise and Rimi Sakihata are playable characters. If you're a Japan-fanatic, or just enjoy a good fighther, be sure to grab a copy!

[via Joystiq]