2D fighter ‘Phantom Breaker’ heading to North America

Christen McGregor - Jan 5, 2012, 2:53 am CST
2D fighter ‘Phantom Breaker’ heading to North America

Known for its video games, Japan can be the envy of those not living on the small island the size of California. Buying a video game or certain systems comes with certain restrictions. If you buy a Nintendo 3DS in Japan, for example, you won’t be able to play games you pick up at a GameStop in the US. The joys, rather headaches, of region-locked or region-specific games and systems. If you follow the Japanese fighter game market, you may be excited for a North American release of Phantom Breaker.

That’s right! A certain Japan-only Xbox 2D fighting game, Phantom Breaker, will be stepping outside the region-specific category and onto North American soil. The publisher, 7sixty,plans to localize the game on January 31st, with a preorder available now on Amazon for $39.99. When visiting the Amazon page you will notice the publisher is listed as SouthPeak Games, which has caused some confusion. 7sixty is a brand under the SouthPeak Games “umbrella”, so do not be alarmed.

Phantom Breaker is based around a fighting tournament in Tokyo. The tournament, held by “Phantom,” promises to grant wishes to the winner. While playing Phantom Breaker, you can expect guests from Steins; Gate and Chaos; Head Noah. Kurisu Makise and Rimi Sakihata are playable characters. If you’re a Japan-fanatic, or just enjoy a good fighther, be sure to grab a copy!

[via Joystiq]

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