27-inch iMac torn asunder, geeks everywhere cry a little bit

If you have been lusting after one of those sexy new 27-inch iMac computers that Apple unveiled this week you are not alone. If you have been trying to resist the urge to tear your shiny new iMac apart and see what's inside iFixit has the shots of the innards of the iMac you crave (you sicko).

The expensive 27-inch all-in-one beauty was ripped apart to its casing and the best feature is certainly the 27-inch LED backlit display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440. The rig comes with a new Magic Mouse as well. The new iMac requires an adapter to connect external sources like Blu-ray players, which isn't included.

The massive glass screen of the iMac being torn down here was noted to have a screen slightly askew before the teardown started. Not something, you expect from Apple and a machine this expensive. The LCD panel is made from Apple by LG and uses IPS technology.