$25 Million Dollar Watch from Chopard

I don't wear watches. My cell phone works perfectly well as a clock. If I were going to buy a watch though, I doubt I'd spend more than $20 let only $25 million.

Chopard, a Switzerland located company, has released the worlds most expensive watch. It costs $25 million dollars and sports three heart-shaped diamonds in white, blue and pink as 11, 12, and 15 carats respectively. In addition to those it comes festooned in 163 carats of white and yellow flower-like diamonds.

That's 200 carats worth on just one watch. Honestly, if anyone buys this it'll just be for the title of owning the world's most expensive watch because it is the gaudiest looking thing I've ever seen.

Chopard Unveils $25 mn Watch; World's Most Expensive One [via Elite Choice]