’24’ TV show reboot in pipeline sans Jack Bauer

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 15, 2016
’24’ TV show reboot in pipeline sans Jack Bauer

The television series 24 is being rebooted by Fox, but won’t include the original show’s iconic main character Jack Bauer. The new series will be called 24: Legacy, and according to a new report the show’s producers are looking for an African-American actor to take over as main character. Fox has ordered a pilot episode for the reboot.

According to a report from EW, the pilot episode will be filming some time this winter, but at this point no actors have been cast. Fox is seeking an African-American lead, but a Latino actor may be cast, as well. According to Fox Television’s Gary Newman, “We wanted [the main character] to be as different from Jack Bauer as possible, whether that’s an African-American or a Latino actor.”

Legacy’s main character will go by the name Eric Carter who is described as a “military hero” recently returned to the United Stated where he brings trouble and, at some point, seeks help from the CTU. A big terrorist attack is being plotted in this new series and, much like in the original show, lives are at stake.

If Fox goes on to order the series, the first season will consist of a dozen episodes with a story arc spanning all of them, breaking from the format used in the original show. The first 24 series aired back in 2001.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly

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