23andMe Personal Genome Service

James Allan Brady - Feb 18, 2008, 12:41pm CST

So this company sends you a kit, and you send it back with some saliva (drool) and a thousand dollars and they’ll genotype your ass. You they check about 600,000 data points in your DNA and can inform you of bad things to come, such as inherited defects, a predisposition to certain health conditions, things of that nature.

Its like a fortune cookie on steroids, and with some actual precision added in. Judging from the looks of the kit, they either want a lot of saliva, or figure people might see the very small tube they actually need and think its not worth it.

Either way, its plain crazy to spend that kind of dough on something like this, unless you have it to spare, and in that case, I probably still wouldn’t spend it on some genotyping. Personally I think they need to come back when they have a method of editing your DNA, now that would be helpful.

[via uncrate]

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