2021 Genesis GV80 and G80 both all-new luxury vehicles

Luxury automaker Genesis is offering some details on the 2021 Genesis GV80, which is the first SUV from the company, and the 2021 Genesis G80. The GV80 is Genesis, and its parent companies first entry the rear-wheel drive, mid-size luxury utility market. The automaker says that the 2021 Genesis G80 sets a new standard in executive mid-size sedan luxury and represents the core of its brand.The GV80 is designed to operate on both on and off-road environments, maintaining its refinement and stability. Genesis says that capability begins with the vehicle's platform, which uses a carefully engineered chassis codenamed M3. The chassis allows for maximum design flexibility, which is the key to the vehicle's low-profile along with its wide stance and airy interior. The SUV is lower and wider than many competitors, giving it a balance between length and width while maintaining its position as one of the lowest segment vehicles.

The GV80 is classified as a Light Duty Truck and is engineered for optimum crash safety and overall body stiffness. The design team also put significant effort into reducing the vehicle's weight using considerable amounts of aluminum to shave 255 pounds compared to using steel.

The G80 is designed to maximize passenger comfort design flexibility while balancing performance and safety. The car is a rear-drive unibody that has six percent higher tensile strength in the previous generation G80. Genesis used high-strength steel and hot stamped parts for the A and B-pillars, floor cross members, and rocker panels to give the vehicle the highest possible strength.

Genesis says that as a result of its construction methods, the G80 M3 platform is 55 pounds lighter than the previous G80. The car also has three percent higher torsional rigidity. Genesis plans to offer more information about the 2021 GV80 and G80.