2020 Samsung Smart TVs get Samsung Health to help you stay fit at home

Four years ago, the world suddenly saw a boost in outdoor activity, especially walking, thanks to Pokemon GO. This year, the COVID-19 coronavirus abruptly put a stop to that and many active people suddenly found themselves forced to live a more sedentary lifestyle. Of course, the really active people would have found ways to stay on top of things despite staying at home. Those still looking for inspiration, motivation, or new ways to stay fit, Samsung's Health platform on its latest Smart TVs could offer some guidance.

Related to but not to be confused with the Samsung Health mobile and smartwatch apps, Samsung's fitness-centric platform on its Smart TVs takes a different approach to help you live a healthy lifestyle. Of course, you'll see personal dashboards and challenges and can sync that data across your Samsung devices, but Samsung Health's newest incarnation offers something your smartwatch can't (yet).

That pretty much revolves around a selection of content, many of them free, coming from a variety of partners and types of content like Calm's meditative stories and music, Echelon's yoga and pilates lessons, and barre3's full-body workouts. Samsung says there are over 5,000 hours of free content available with this offer though makes no mention of any paid ones for now.

More than just content you have to manually go to and play, Samsung Health also offers integration with your Samsung Smart TV. If it's turned on and you have a set routine, for example, it will remind you to pause your current binging and get up and get active.

The Samsung Health platform is currently rolling out to Samsung's Smart TVs but only from its 2020 range. There is no word yet on whether it plans on making the same available to its older sets.