2020 GMC Sierra HD: Bigger And Bolder In Every Way

The 2020 GMC Sierra HD is now bigger, stronger, and equipped with a bewildering array of new technology. Naturally, the new GMC Sierra HD is still available in 2500 and 3500 and is based on the new Chevrolet Silverado HD.

When Chevy released the new and redesigned Silverado HD, it drew mixed reactions from the crowd. However, the most prominent feature is the front styling. Chevrolet wanted to give the new Silverado the bolder face of a bigger truck. While the stacked headlight design and two-tier grille conveyed the purpose, it all ended up looking like the lovechild of the Pontiac Aztec and previous model Silverado.

On the other hand, GMC gave the new Sierra HD a different look. I was expecting a ton of chrome and an overly huge front grille, and my expectations were shattered to bits. The new grille of the GMC Sierra HD is one of the largest and most prominent front grilles in the automotive industry. The in-your-face grille hints at power, durability, and sumptuous luxury, and it manages to do just that.

"We took every opportunity to visually express the strength and capability that lies beneath the surface," explains Matt Noone, the director of GMC exterior design. "The elevated hood line, strong shoulders, and the striking front grille – these cues communicate the strength and performance that have been engineered and built into each and every Sierra Heavy Duty."

With that being said, the 2020 GMC Sierra HD is as big as it gets. No word yet on specifics, but it is almost the same size as the Silverado HD. But due to the handsome and garish face, the new Sierra HD actually looks bigger, taller, and wider than the Silverado, or maybe it's just me and my presbyopia eyesight.

"The all-new 2020 Sierra HD is the most capable heavy-duty truck that we've ever offered," said Duncan Aldred, who happens to be the vice-president of Global GMC. "For customers who demand a premium, innovative heavy-duty truck that supports their passions, the next-generation Sierra HD can pull like a pro."

On the premium end of the spectrum, the new Sierra HD has you covered. The cabin is incredibly roomy and spacious because no other feature spells luxury than adequate room to move around. In fact, the 2020 GMC Sierra HD offers best in class headroom and legroom for the driver and front occupants. The top-selling Denali trim adds bigger wheels, ventilated front seats, vigorous chrome exterior treatments, and the finest leather upholstery.

And in case you're wondering why hulking pickup trucks are strong sellers, you need to look at it from a different perspective. The new Sierra HD in particular can haul a heavy trailer while still accommodating up to six passengers in the lap of luxury. In other words, the Sierra HD definitely means business when it comes to towing, hauling, or any type of heavy duty work. It just so happens to offer a higher level of luxury and comfort.

The best thing is you won't feel the truck is doing all the hard work, and this is what impressed me with previous generations of the Sierra HD. Where the Silverado is the working man's truck, the Sierra is for the proud business owner who's not afraid to get his or her hands dirty in a typical work day. Whatever the case, both the Silverado and Sierra are excellent heavy-duty alternatives to the RAM and Ford F-Series.

But a big truck needs a big engine, and the Sierra HD delivers. GMC is tightlipped when it comes to power and torque specs, but what we know is the new turbo-diesel V8 churns out an amazing 910 pound-feet of torque. In order to better harness all that twisting power, the Sierra HD also comes standard with an all-new Allison 10-speed heavy-duty automatic transmission. The Sierra HD is also offered with a new gasoline V8 mill with a six-speed automatic. The torque figures of the diesel V8 is brutal, but the new RAM HD is purported to have upwards of 1,000 pound-feet of torque.

The biggest new feature of the 2020 GMC Sierra HD is the enhanced ProGrade trailering system. It utilizes no less than 15 available camera views to help you tow more safely and securely. My favorite will have to be the transparent trailer view, which is a first in the segment. Basically, this view allows you to virtually see-through the trailer behind, which for me is basically witchcraft. But GMC is quick to explain the system uses two cameras to offer a virtual view of the trailer behind. Neat stuff, right? You also get the iN-Command control system. Depending on how the trailer is configured, the brilliant control system can turn on the water heater or air-conditioning in the trailer using the myGMC mobile app on a compatible Android or iOS device. And before I forget, the 2020 GMC Sierra HD has a maximum towing capacity in excess of 30,000 pounds.

It doesn't end there. The new Sierra HD also comes with an auto electric park brake, park brake hold assist, hill start assist, hill descent control, trailer sway control, auto grade braking, and digital variable steering assist. All of these systems are primarily conceived to deliver a modern and hassle-free towing or trailering experience. "Trailering is the most important consideration for Sierra HD customers, and the new features and technologies in the 2020 Sierra HGD make it easier than ever to hitch a trailer and tow it confidently," said Jaclyn McQuaid, vehicle chief engineer at GMC.

And if you want a sportier-styled Sierra HD, you'll definitely love the Sierra AT4 HD. Instead of blinding oncoming traffic with bling chrome, the AT4 is motivated by dark chrome exterior touches complete with new detailing. The front and rear bumpers are body-colored along with the grille surround for a more athletic vibe. Even the grille is finished in black chrome to complete the look. But with off-road tuned Rancho shock absorbers, 18 or 20-inch wheels with Michelin all-terrain tires, skid plates, and an Eaton locking rear differential, the new Sierra AT4 HD is a more luxurious way to go bashing in the boonies.

Are you ready to experience the all-new 2020 GMC Sierra HD? It is slated to go on sale by late summer 2019 in 2500HD and 3500HD, with dual rear wheel and single rear wheel configurations.