2019 LG smart TVs now have access to Apple TV+ via Apple TV app

Ewdison Then - Feb 3, 2020, 7:41pm CST
2019 LG smart TVs now have access to Apple TV+ via Apple TV app

LG may be all out on Android when it comes to smartphones but smart home devices are pretty much fair game for all other platforms. Although it does support Google’s services LG has begun courting users from the other camp lately. Last year, it boasted to having the first TVs to get HomeKit support and AirPlay 2 and while not exactly a first, the company is adding Apple TV to the list of features that Apple fans can expect from its 2019 smart TV line-up.

The addition of these features is no small matter. Apple has traditionally been very picky about where its apps and services can be used outside of its own hardware. It’s no surprise, then, that LG is sparing no expense to boast about these new features on top of the TV’s base features, including “stunning Dolby Vision”.

With the Apple TV app, owners of LG’s latest smart TVs will be able to access channels that range from premium video services to selections available on iTunes. The former can be watched even offline and without ads. Of course, it also brings access to Apple TV+ originals, if the service is available in the user’s market.

The Apple TV app joins AirPlay 2 support that mirrors iPhones’ and Macs’ content to a large screen. HomeKit, on the other hand, gives them the convenience of controlling the LG smart TVs from their iPhones or iPads.

All of these are being made available on select LG smart TVs in 80 countries, starting with the 2019 OLED and NanoCell TVs. Later this month, the Apple TV app will also be available on 2019 UHD models. LG seems to also be feeling generous, promising the same Apple TV app its 2018 smart TVs later this year.

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