2019 iPhone cases will highlight what Apple will try to hide

Ewdison Then - Jun 13, 2019, 11:31pm CDT
2019 iPhone cases will highlight what Apple will try to hide

It seems that square camera bumps are in. At least if you ask Apple and Google. Although Huawei can perhaps be credited/blameed for starting that trend but few probably expected the two biggest tech companies to follow. And even fewer probably expected both Apple and even Google would put the unusual design on the corner. And yet that is exactly what will happen in a few months though Apple is believed to use some magic to make those two to three cameras nearly invisible. Unfortunately, case makers will put the focus back on them instead.

When Apple was first rumored to jump on the triple camera train, many probably expected it’d just continue to use the same design it introduced in the 2017 iPhone X. And then the rumors and confirmation that the 2019 iPhones will be adopting a square bump started coming in. What’s slightly stranger is that, unlike Huawei, it decided to arrange the lenses in a triangular formation.

There is word that Apple will at least try to make the cameras inconspicuous, as if it were possible. But whatever it will do might be undone by case makers. Ben Geskin posted three sample 2019 iPhone cases and they all have on thing in common. They all make the formation of those cameras stand out.

Apple’s alleged new design is already gaining massive criticism and these cases don’t help its cause. Some have questioned why not just use one big hole for the entire camera bump rather than separate holes for lenses, sensors, and flash. The reason might be to protect every inch of the phone except for the parts that shouldn’t be blocked.

Apple won’t be alone this year in making unpopular designs. Google is adopting the exact same design on the Pixel 4. And while Samsung’s changes are less drastic, the little things it is removing or not putting are starting to feel like pin pricks for some fans.

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