2018 Winter Olympics 4K HDR coverage will air on Dish Network

Dish Network customers will have access to 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) coverage of the upcoming Winter Games in South Korea, the company has announced. The NBCUniversal content will be available in Ultra HD quality to anyone with a TV that supports the resolution, as well as HDR for those watching with a television that supports high dynamic range. Overall, Dish customers will get access to 2,400 hours of content.

That 2,400 hours of content will be the total between live, streaming, and on-demand coverage, Dish explains. This will mark the first time the Winter Olympics have been available to viewers in 4K HDR, marking a new milestone for fans and the industry as a whole. Thanks to the tech, viewers will get better color and contrast, as well as "enhanced brightness" and a picture that appears more lifelike overall.

Assuming you're a Dish customer, you'll need the Hopper 3 box in order to get access to the 4K HDR content (in addition to a display that supports it). Dish explains that the 4K HDR coverage will be offered "on a one-day delay," with up to three events from the day before showing up on Dish Channel 540 starting on February 10.

The enhanced footage will include the Games' Opening Ceremony, as well as the various sports, including short track skating, hockey, ski jumping, figure skating, and snowboard big air. There will also be PyeongChang scenics offered in 4K HDR. This coverage availability will last through February 26, the day after the Winter Games end.

Dish points out that thanks to its Sports Bar mode on the Hopper 3, customers will be able to watch different channels with Olympics coverage at the same time, with each channel presented in one of four quadrants on the television. That mode is available on Full HD TVs in addition to 4K TVs.