2018 new emoji candidates include kangaroo, leg, and more poop

It turns out you can have too many emoji. Where the small pictographs were once useful in portraying and simplifying the expression of common emotions/things/places, it now seems humanity is set on creating an emoji applicable for every single word in the dictionary. While the new 2017 emoji coming to our devices later this year have already been decided, a list of possible candidates for 2018 has been revealed.

The Unicode Consortium, the organization that oversees adoption and standardization of emoji, has released a list of 67 new emoji that have been considered "draft candidates" for the release of Unicode 11.0 in the second half of 2018. There's a wide variety of characters included, all adding to existing categories like facial expressions, animals, food, and objects. Arguably the most notable, however, is the frowning poop — because one poop emoji just isn't enough.

In the yellow faces category, users can look forward to new additions like smiling and serious faces with superhero capes, hot and cold faces, a face with big, sad eyes, a face with a party hat, and the previously mentioned sad poop. New animals include a kangaroo, llama, hippo, peacock, lobster, and even a mosquito.

There's several new body part emojis as well, like a tooth, foot, and leg, along with new hair styles like red, curly, and bald. New food emoji include a mango, cupcake, sliced bagel, and the all-important salt shaker.

The activities and objects categories see the biggest additions, with emoji for goggles, firecracker, softball, flying disc (frisbee), skateboard, fire extinguisher, magnet, test tube, DNA double helix, abacus, brick wall, ball of yarn, sponge, broom, and — to go with that new poop emoji — a roll of toilet paper.

Emojis addicts should keep in mind that this list isn't final yet, so there may be additions or changes between now and 2018. Members of the Unicode Consortium — which include big tech companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook — will have to vote on what characters make the cut, as well as submit artwork for their own takes on each addition.

SOURCE Emojipedia, Unicode (PDF)