2016 Nissan Leaf tipped for 110-mile battery option

It's not uncommon at all for Nissan to bring executives from its various dealers into a special event where they are told about upcoming Nissan products. Nissan holds events where they work to get the brass from their dealership network behind new products. Often these events involve an early look at new vehicles to get dealer feedback and not everyone who is invited can keep their mouth shut.

That is certainly the case with a Nissan dealer from Indiana who allegedly went to one of these events and spilled the beans on an option for the 2016 Nissan Leaf. According to this dealer, the 2016 Leaf will have an option for a larger battery pack. The tip came from the dealership website listing two battery pack options for the car.

One of the trim levels will have the same battery that the current Leaf offers, giving about an 84-mile driving range per charge. The other battery pack is said to give the car a 110-mile driving range. That battery pack is likely the previously rumored 30 kWh unit.

The internet manager from the dealership, Andy Mohr Avon Nissan, said that the information on its website was likely from Nissan, but that he wasn't 100% sure. This could be a hoax the dealership cooked up to generate traffic for its website in hopes of selling some cars. I'd imagine that a dealership would get in some trouble for talking about future products.

SOURCE: autoblog