2016 Call of Duty will be something ‘new, innovative’ from Infinity Ward

Adam Westlake - Feb 13, 2016
2016 Call of Duty will be something ‘new, innovative’ from Infinity Ward

Activision released its quarterly financial report earlier this week, and with that we learned that a full sequel to Destiny would be on its way from developer Bungie in 2017. But what about the publisher’s other big FPS series, Call of Duty? Well, Activision didn’t forget about it, as it confirmed that a new game in the long-running series would see release in 2016, with Infinity Ward developing the upcoming entry.

The fact that 2016 will see a Call of Duty release is in no way surprising, as it’s one of gaming’s biggest series, and there’s been a new entry every single year since 2005. Activision even split development across three studios — Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer Games — several years ago, with an alternating release from each every three years.

The new piece of info was the confirmation that this year’s Call of Duty would be from Infinity Ward, the developer responsible for the Modern Warfare trilogy, some of the most popular games in the series, as well as 2013’s Ghosts. Activision stated that we would be seeing a “new innovative Call of Duty title from Infinity Ward.”

2016 Call of Duty will be something 'new, innovative' from Infinity Ward

Unfortunately there hasn’t even been any rumors or leaks on what Infinity Ward’s entry will be about, so ideas about a Modern Warfare 4 or Ghosts 2 are merely guesses at this point. However, in what may have been a small hint, or just a tease, the developer tweeted back in January a comment about “reaching new heights,” accompanied by an image of an astronaut in space.

Fans of Ghosts might remember a neat, albeit brief, segment of the game that took place in space. Could the next Call of Duty be taking place beyond Earth’s gravity? Might be really be in for “Call of Duty: Space Warfare“? We’ll have to wait a little longer to find out, but here’s hoping!

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