2015 VW Jettas recalled over headlight troubles

Volkswagen is rounding out the end of 2014 with a recall of its own, one that isn't as dire as some of the other recalls we've seen over the course of this year, yet notable for its potential hazards. A little over 25,000 2015 Jetta cars are being recalled due to an issue with the headlights, which may experience troubles if the headlight control module malfunctions. Under the circumstances, turning on the high-beams might cause the low-beam lights to automatically turn off.

If the low-beam lights do turn off when the high-beam lights are used, there might not be enough overall light to safely operate in whatever conditions called for both sets of lights. As such, Volkswagen has revealed — through the NHTSA — that it'll be recalling 2015 Jetta cars made from July 11, 2014 through November 13, 2014.

According to the NHTSA's report, the affected models are prone to the issue due to "incorrect software" pertaining to the headlight control module, triggering the low-beam lights to shut off when the high-beam lights turn on. As expected, the solution then is to update the control module with the correct software.

Volkswagen will begin sending out notices to affected vehicle owners in the near future, and expects the recall to kick off next month. The software update will be done by a dealer free of charge. Those concerned can also contact VW ahead of time for details.

SOURCE: Auto Blog