2015 Ford Focus Scores New Stability Control Tech

The 2015 Ford Focus is set to offer the auto maker's Enhanced Transitional Stability Control system, providing the car with technology that recognizes when driving situations have become particularly dangerous, acting to help correct them before the car spins out or starts skidding. Though the technology itself has already been available in some other Ford models, this latest addition will open it up to a wider array of buyers at a lower price point — all the while proving better than previous offerings.

The idea behind the technology is simple, and helps prevent a situation every driver has found themselves in at one point or another: sometimes you have to swerve quickly, and that can cause skidding/a spin out. The Enhanced Transitional Stability Control is able to anticipate if a spin out is going to happen by up to 200 milliseconds, according to Ford.

The prediction results from sensors that provide real-time data on things like how fast the car is going, how quickly a turn is happening, the steering wheel's position, and more. If that data together indicates that the car is at risk of spinning out or otherwise being unstable, the control system will activate to help mitigate the issue — possibly before the driver even has time to realize their reaction.

The control system applies the brakes to each wheel individually as necessary to help keep the car where it's going while leaving the driver in control. All that, of course, happens automatically. As far as the driver is concerned, the car is simply easy to drive and will feel pretty stable despite the need to occasionally swerve around an object or pothole.