2013 Range Rover SUV debuts

Of all the SUVs on the market, the Land Rover Range Rover is one of the most iconic. The 2013 Range Rover is all-new yet looks like fans of Range Rover expect the vehicle to appear. The new 2013 model was engineered from the ground up to be the most capable and refined Range Rover ever produced. 2013 the vehicle is lighter, stronger, and offers new levels of refinement.

The 2013 Range Rover will be produced at a new manufacturing plant located in Solihull, UK using new low-energy aluminum body construction technology. The new all aluminum unibody structure for the Range Rover is 39% lighter than the steel body used on the 2012 model Range Rover. The 39% lighter aluminum body means a weight savings of up to 926 pounds depending on specifications.

The version of the Range Rover heading to the US will have a naturally aspirated five-liter V8 engine that is 700 pounds lighter than the engine in the 2012 model. The drastically lighter weight of the new vehicle and its engine will mean better fuel economy and a reduction in emissions. The 2013 model also gets a re-engineered air suspension all around to provide luxurious ride and maintain handling agility.

Inside the vehicle, the interior has been improved with acoustic lamination for the windshield and side door glass to reduce noise levels. The suspension was engineered for improved ride comfort and in the backseat, there is 4.7 inches of additional legroom compared to previous models. The 2013 model also gets a new Terrain Response 2 Auto system is fully automatic and selects one mode the transmission needs to be in depending on the surface.