2013 Mac Pro video issues now covered by Apple repair program

Adam Westlake - Feb 6, 2016
2013 Mac Pro video issues now covered by Apple repair program

Those who own a late 2013 Mac Pro model and have been plagued by various video issues are in for some good news today: it appears Apple has just launched a new Repair Extension Program that covers the machine’s problems. Users that have been affected have experienced issues including distorted video, no video at all, system instability such as freezing and restarting, and even being unable to start up.

As of now Apple hasn’t posted anything on their support site about the new repair program, but basically the company now recognizes that graphics cards are the source of the affected Mac Pros’ problems. As part of the repair program, either Apple or Apple Authorized Service Providers will repair the eligible computers at no charge.

The Mac Pro’s video problems have been a known issue for some time now, with a discussion on the Apple Support site from February 2015 receiving a number of views and replies. It was around this same time that Apple started a repair program for 2011-2013 model MacBook Pros with their own video performance problems.

Those customers that believe their Mac Pro is eligible for repairs can schedule an appointment at an Apple Store’s Genius Bar, or contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider of their choice.

SOURCE MacRumors

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