2012 Izh Hybrid Motorcycle concept packs 3D multifunction display [Video]

There are plenty of good looking hybrid concepts out there, but Igor Chak's 2012 Izh Hybrid Motorcycle also tries to slip in some smartphone integration too.  Chak envisages the bike – which would pair a traditional 140HP V-Twin gas engine with a 60kw electric motor in the rear hub – hitting 80mpg, but also having radar distance control, proximity sensors for blind-spots, and a massive 3D touchscreen LCD.  It's there that we start to get a little worried.Concept video after the cut

That LCD is packed full of tech, including WiFi, 4G connectivity, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS (ambitious stuff, but which should all be pretty widely available by 2012) and can be hooked up with your Android, iPhone, Symbian or other smartphone for remote use.  Chak reckons it'll also show augmented reality views of what's ahead of you, overlaying graphics onto a live feed from a front-facing video camera.

Thing is, we'd rather people on high-powered motorbikes were looking directly at the road and not down at an eye-catching 3D display (underneath what looks to be an equally eye-catching instrument cluster).  Still, it's an attractive design and we can't argue with Chak's render video below.

[via Born Rich]