2011 Lincoln MKX gets new THX audio system

Ford has been killing off its brands that don't make the grade on today's market. Brands that have been around for a very long time like Mercury are no more, but the upscale Ford luxury division known as Lincoln is still carrying on with new products that are starting to appeal to more than just our grandparents.

One of the cool new rides in the Lincoln line is the 2011 MKX SUV. The interior of the new car looks awesome and Ford has announced that the sound system will make the inside of the car sound as good as it looks with a new THX certified audio system. The car stereo is THX II certified and features DTS Neural Surround Sound.

The optional THX stereo system in the MKX will be a $995 option and adds 5.1 surround sound to the vehicle with support from hundreds of radio stations and HD broadcasts. The stereo automatically makes your MP3 tracks into surround sound tracks as well. The system has a total of 14 speakers, 600 watts of power, and an 8-inch sub along with a center channel THX Slot Speaker.