20,000 LAX International Passengers Stranded By Broken NIC

And people wonder why the Mesh Networking Topology is still taught in classes. So essentially what happened is a single computer's singular NIC was having some issues, and there was apparently not enough redundancy. Anyways, it all ended with a giant domino effect taking down a large segment of the network.

The partial failure started at 12:50pm on Saturday, the total system failure only took about 1:10 for an end time of 2pm. There was apparently no hacking or other external tampering, it was an "internal problem", yeah, it was internal, your network was in your base killing all your dudes.

I can't believe that a system that is setup to be very secure, and that is even supposed to operate in real time, doesn't have what it takes to stop a single faulty NIC from bringing down the house. The best part, it wasn't even a NIC on a server that brought the whole thing down, kind of makes me wonder what was on that PC that brought such a complex network to its knees, wait a second, LAX are you still running a bus topology?

Time To Upgrade: LAX Meltdown Caused By A Single Network Interface Card [via Consumerist]