2.9 million Adobe customer IDs involved in hacker attack

There's been a bit of a security breach over at Adobe this week, with the company letting it be known that a cool 2.9 million Adobe IDs may have been involved in the incident. Adobe is taking action this afternoon with a series of precautions due to the serious nature of the incident, including resetting passwords for millions of users as well as notifying those customers whose accounts were affected. Incidents range from simple account access all the way up to encrypted credit card numbers and expiration dates.

The good news is that the credit card information that's been accessed by hackers remains encrypted, and to the knowledge of Adobe, there's no reason to fear that unencrypted numbers were shared in any way at all. Even so, Adobe is also contacting customers whose credit cards were involved, offering those customers an option of a free one-year credit card monitoring membership where available. Kind of them to do that, yes?

Adobe has also made clear their intent to contact federal law enforcement and to assist in their investigation of the incident. Meanwhile, Adobe also suggests that the source code for several of their software products has been accessed. While this doesn't appear to pose any specific risk to customers as it is, Adobe is still investigating this incident as well.

Strangely enough, Adobe suggests that these two incidents may have been related. How they are related, and for what reason the hackers responsible would have gone to such lengths to access this information is not made public at the moment – or it's simply not known. Adobe's Customer security alert page is currently home for those looking for additional support in the face of this series of incidents.