1979 Star Trek movie gets 4K remaster with Paramount+ exclusivity

Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the feature film that premiered in 1979, is getting a proper 4K remaster, but you'll need a specific streaming service subscription to watch it (initially, at least). The restoration will involve the Star Trek: The Motion Picture Director's Edition version of the film and will take at least half a year to complete.

The decision to remaster the classic science-fiction movie was announced on the official Star Trek website today, though details are brief. According to the alert, the restoration project was greenlit by Paramount, which will get an "exclusive window" for its Paramount+ streaming service.

That means that at least initially, the remastered version of Star Trek: The Motion Picture will only be available to watch on Paramount+. It's unclear how long Paramount+ will get exclusivity on the project before it arrives through other distributors. It seems likely the remaster will be made available on Blu-ray at some point.

Though streaming is the most convenient way to watch movies, it's not ideal when it comes to getting the best quality. A Blu-ray release would give fans the best experience, enabling them to fully enjoy the 4K Ultra HD resolution. The remaster will include Dolby Vision HDR support and a Dolby Atmos soundtrack.

According to the company, it is estimated the restoration project will take between six and eight months to complete. It's unclear when the project will start and how soon after completion the remastered version of Star Trek: The Motion Picture will hit Paramount+.