1977 Lotus Esprit James Bond Submarine Car Hits eBay

If you're a James Bond fan and have a spare $1,000,000 laying around, there's a new eBay auction right up your alley. The 1977 Lotus Espirit submarine car from the James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me has been listed on the auction website for a solid seven figures, with the owner boasting that it is only one of three Lotus submarine cars remaining. The car is an original movie prop that has been completely restored.

The car was shown off on the show American Restoration on the History Channel, and was restored by Rick Dale, who owns Rick's Restoration in Las Vegas. It is restored and, according to the eBay listing, has fins on one side and folding wheels on the other side.

A total of six of the props were made, and three of them have survived to this day. The Lotus being offered is one of them, though it should be noted that it is entirely a prop: it neither drives nor functions under water. What it lacks in function, however, it makes up for with ample bragging rights.

The car is being sold in Nevada for the generous sum of $1,000,000, as mentioned — "The same price that Dr. Evil charged to spare the world in the first Austin Powers movie," the eBay auction doesn't fail to note. Hit up the link below to see the full gallery of images.