The New Reolink Argus 4 Pro Provides Home Security With 4K Clarity And Blindspot-Free Views

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Home security cameras are a godsend, but that's not to say that they're perfect by any means. From unwanted notifications and fuzzy images, to dying batteries and lost recordings, there are many ways the devices can let their users down. Until now, many home security cameras have failed to capture nighttime images in clear, full color — or sweeping landscape views, for that matter. Popular home security camera company Reolink, however, aims to change all that for good. This week, Reolink announced the launch of the Argus 4 Pro: the world's first 4K battery camera with ColorX Night Vision and Dual-Image Stitching. Retailing for $179, the latest Reolink home security camera is set to launch on June 10.

The release of the Argus 4 Pro signals several major upgrades in home security tech for consumers. With ColorX Night Vision, users can pick up on fine details in low-light settings that were previously inaccessible, like the color of a pedestrian's coat, a passing vehicle, or a street sign. Thanks to the Argus 4 Pro's Dual-Image Stitching and dual 4mm camera lenses, there's also the added benefit of witnessing scenes in a complete 180-degree horizontal field of view. Ahead, we'll break down everything you need to know about the Argus 4 Pro, Reolink's newest addition to its line of home security cameras.

Reolink's customer feedback influenced the design of the Argus 4 Pro

According to Reolink, the company relied heavily on customer responses to develop its newest fleet of home security devices. One of the biggest improvements, according to Reolink spokesperson Fabrice Klohoun, is the Argus 4 Pro's picture clarity. Using two camera lenses and its Dual-Image Stitching Algorithm, the Argus 4 Pro is capable of providing blindspot-free images.

The complete 180-degree horizontal field of view is further enhanced by ColorX Night Vision, an advanced form of technology that detects subtle nuances of color in low-light settings. "To be able to see in full color at night with the Argus 4 Pro, you're only relying on the sensors," says Klohoun. "You have an f/1.0 aperture on the Argus 4 Pro versus an f/1.8 aperture on the Argus 4, so you get better clarity with the Argus 4 Pro than the Argus 4."

The inclusion of ColorX Night Vision allows users to capture detailed images in low-light settings, while picking up on subtle nuances in color without the use of infrared or spotlight. The company states that even light sources as subtle as natural starlight can produce crystal-clear surveillance imagery. The absence of infrared or spotlight also means that the Argus 4 Pro has 30% more battery life than its predecessor, the Argus 3. In only 10 minutes of charging, the Argus 4 Pro can operate for 24 hours on battery. Furthermore, Wi-Fi 6 tech provides seamless streaming to devices with zero latency or lag, and Argus 4 Pro users can even use the device to communicate across the globe in real-time.

Other features of the new Argus 4 Pro

Aside from covetable features like Dual-Image Stitching and ColorX Technology, the Reolink Argus 4 Pro has a sustainable add-on: solar power. For an additional $20 fee, one can purchase a compatible solar panel from Reolink for continuous charging outdoors. That means no more worrying about unmounting the device to charge it indoors — unless, of course, you want to. For those hoping to use their device in the elements, the Argus 4 Pro system has an IP66 weatherproof rating, and can even be mounted to your favorite tree.

With solar panels or USB-C charging, Reolink's latest launch can hold a continuous charge for days or weeks on end, depending on the number of triggers encountered. The Argus 4 Pro also has diverse local storage solutions, supporting up to 128GB microSD card and hub storage for a total of 1 TB. Whether you choose to charge the device indoors or allow it to rely on solar power, you'll be pleased to find that it's remarkably lightweight for something jam-packed with so many features. 

At the time of writing, Reolink is currently offering a $50 off preorder promotion on the Argus 4 Pro. For more information on the Argus 4 Pro, including upgrade options and storage solutions, visit the Reolink website for pre-ordering information and complete specs.