1.5" Digital Photo Frame/Mp3 Player

I've been mostly harsh on digital photo frames, I just happen to think they are a waste of space. This one, though, caught my eye and I have to admit, it's probably something I'd buy. It's a digital photo frame of course, but it's also a MP3 player and it's small and green and adorable.

It comes in silver as well, but it has a 1.5" LCD screen and has 2GB of storage. It has a headphone jack so you can playback your music through the speakers or keep it private. It supports JPG, BMP and PNG.

I don't have a price but you can buy it through Chinavision. Just image the great phone you can create by adding theme songs to your pictures or pictures to your music, whichever way you swing.

MP3 Player + 1.5 Inch Green Digital Photoo Frame [via GeekAlerts]