Want A Mini Engine Kit That Actually Runs? Check Out This Awesome V8 Model

The cost of auto repairs can run as much as several thousand dollars, particularly for more complex jobs like engine rebuilds. Learning how to do these repairs yourself can save time and money, and even if you don't end up doing the repairs yourself, the knowledge gained from learning how the components of your vehicle work can help you become a more savvy comsumer and avoid being overcharged by a dishonest mechanic. One way to learn how to rebuild a car engine is with an engine kit like this functional Teching V8 engine kit

The kit sells for $699.99 at EngineDIY and contains more than 500 aluminum alloy and stainless steel pieces. The engine takes several hours to assemble and is powered by an included 3.7V 500mAH lithium ion battery. The kit is a strikingly realistic replica of a real automotive engine, complete with camshaft, crankshaft, pistons, valve train, timing chain, and engine accessories. Lubricating oil is not provided, and some reviewers recommended using light grease instead of oil. 

Reviewers give the kit an almost perfect rating

In review, 48 of the 52 buyers rated the kit five out of five stars, with two giving it four stars and two giving it three. Many of the reviewers noted that the kit was a valuable learning tool for budding auto mechanics or anyone curious to learn more about how automotive engines work. 

John Elegant from Portland vouched for the kit's accuracy, writing, "I used this build as part of self-training for my building my 2023 LT6's engine myself at the Corvette factory. When it was done, I flipped the switch and watched the pistons and valves go up and down, the crank and the camshafts all go around exactly at they should."

Nicholas M also attested that the kit was a faithful recreation of a real V8 engine, writing "The pictures well represent the V8. The parts appear to be of high quality. Having rebuilt real V8s, I can attest that this model is an accurate representation. This is a great learning tool for a budding gear head or a nice conversation piece."