14% of DS Lites Broken?

In what is surely more news that Nintendo really doesn't want to hear, Kotaku has done an unofficial poll in which they found that 14% of the participants had DS Lites with cracked hinges. The hinge issue, which we reported on Tuesday, occurs when the screen places enough pressure on the left hinge so that it cracks, starting as a hairline separation and gradually enlarging as time goes on. Nintendo has reportedly started offering fixes, but rather than recalling affected DS Lites, Nintendo is charging $50 a shot to fix this issue. With such a large percentage of units showing a problem, it's possible that Nintendo will eventually wake up to the fact that there are issues in the DS Lite's production, and offer a fix for free. Until that day, just hope that your unit doesn't show this problem. Or keep the Super Glue handy.

[via Kotaku]